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Each month we have various workshops going on for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants. Our teachers are dedicated on guiding each student on their individual needs. Check out our upcoming workshops for more information.
Read up on the arts!

Library and reading room Ex Libris May Max houses an archive of art books collected May Henriquez, invitations of art-exhibitions ever held on the island, posters of cultural events, program books, hundreds of photos, newspaper clippings, and much, much more.

All spots are SOLD OUT! In case we get more people on the waiting list, we will be adding more spots! Send us an e-mail!
Interested in Bloemhof as a venue?

For creative celebrations, book presentations, cultural and artistic events, concerts, team building, artisan markets, you name it! We offer various locations in and around the premises for your event. Please contact us for more information.
La Boutique del Caribe

Punda, Curaçao's Downtown, was once known as 'La Boutique del Caribe'. This exhibition, curated by Jorge Miguel Cuartas de Marchena will show the economic activity in Punda from 1900 till today via photographs, memorabilia and scale models. You are welcome to visit the opening on Saturday July 12, 2014 as of 10:30 AM. Mr Ram Boolchand will be our guest speaker for this unique exhibition.
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